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REVIEW – Ever since I purchased my home in the suburbs, I have been working on relaxing more and enjoying my backyard and the amenities close by such as the nature Preserve that is great for hikes and picnicking and of course the beach. A couple of years ago I reviewed A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to review the BODEGA 37 Qt/35L Dual Zone Portable Car Fridge and I have been using it every chance I get. Now I am excited to review this AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery that offers cooling plus more for an even better relaxation experience.

What is it?

The AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery is an electric Cooler capable of temperatures from -4℉~68℉. Powering charging options are 12/24V DC and 110-240V AC for use both in-home and on the go.

What’s in the box?

Aaobosi Car Fridge 5

1 x AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery
1 x DC Charging Cable
1 x Cutting Board
1 x User Manual

Hardware specs

Model Info

Item Weight
‎43 pounds

Product Dimensions
‎19 x 25.2 x 17.1 inches

‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

‎42 Quarts

Annual Energy Consumption
‎60 Watts

Installation Type

Form Factor

Cool Type

Special Features
‎Built-in bass speaker, Clear Stereo Sound, Built-in Battery, Plus with cutting board, 2 clear insulated boards, 42 Quart(40L) Large capacity, 4 USB Charging Ports, Powerful Compressor-Fast Cooling, Lower Noise<40db, Longer using life span, Easy to carry with wheels and retractable handle,anti-slip/anti-shock design Color ‎Blue Voltage ‎12 Volts Wattage ‎60 watts Crispers/Drawers ‎2 Defrost ‎Manual Door Hinges ‎Reversible Design and features

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Industry’s First Music Car Cooler:  Our portable refrigerator freezer is equipped with a unique and innovative built-in bass speaker design that delivers Hi-Fi stereo sound. By connecting to the refrigerator via Bluetooth, you can easily adjust the music remotely, and enjoy beautiful music on the go!
Built-in Battery & Four Power Supply Modes: The 12-volt refrigerator cooler has a built-in 8000mah battery, ensuring a continuous power supply throughout the day, the cooler for cars comes with a 12/24V DC Cord and 100-240V AC Power Cord, it can also run with a solar system! Perfect for automotive, home, indoor, and outdoor use.
Powerful Compressor & Fast Cooling:  By adapting the latest 3D cooling technology allowing it to achieve 15-minute fast cooling from 68℉ to 32℉. Wide Temperature Range: -4℉-68℉ meeting various storage needs! 40db Low Noise offers a quiet and comfortable environment for your rest. Less than 1kwh/day which is a benefit to your wallet!
42 Quart Large Capacity: The double door panels can be swung 180° or used as a tabletop, extra 2 acrylic insulation panels under the door for efficient heat retention and freshness. (Plus with cutting board included). This powerful RV fridge can hold 48can cola(10OZ), 35bottles drinks (12.9OZ), or 25bottles water(16.9OZ), which is convenient for storing seafood, snacks, meats beverages, travel necessities, and more.
Humanized Design & Warranty: A portable freezer equipped with a retractable handle and flexible wheels, making it effortless to move anywhere. The non-slip base helps to reduce lateral displacement and prevent shaking during use. Electric cooler with a 5-year life Span on the compressor and 1-year warranty on all other parts. 

The AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery is well built and features large wheels and a retractable handle. The control panel on the front right is simple to use and shows the battery charge level, the temperature, and the Bluetooth status. There are controls on the touchpad for raising and lowering the temperature, showing the battery charge level, and turning the Bluetooth connectivity on/off. On the left front, there is a covered connectivity panel. Once the cover is raised, it reveals the DC plug, 4 x USB-A ports, the AC/Solar charging port, and a DC out port. On the short sides, there are handles for lifting.

On the inside, there is a small curing board and clear sliding plastic doors. On the inside of each of the doors, there are molded slots to help with securing items in use.

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The only thing needed to set up the AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery is to charge the device. In my case, the Car Fridge came fully charged. The other thing that I did was to connect to my phone via Bluetooth.

Aaobosi Car Fridge 14


The AOBOSI 12V 42-quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery arrived in a well-packed box with enough to ensure its safety. Once I unpacked it, I immediately noticed that the only charging cable that it came with was the DC charging cable. This was disappointing. Fortunately, I have Power Inverters with DC output ports that I can use the recharge the device, but for those who do not have the capability, for a relatively expensive purchase the AC charger should be included. Once I opened the fridge, I saw the cutting board and 2 sliding doors neatly packed inside, I peeled off the protective coating on the doors, and it was easy to figure out how to install them. I like the sliding doors because it allows me to do things like use the cutting board with the main doors open and the items in the cooling compartment would remain cold since most of the cold air would be contained.  The cutting board is solid and probably made from something like ABS. I think it will be able to handle years of cutting and abuse.

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The retractable handle is strong and is easily extended and recessed. The wheels also seem like they will last a long time and would help to make pulling the fridge across the sand a bit easier albeit that soft fluffy sand seems to be a formidable opponent for most gear that includes heavy contents irrespective of the wheel size.

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It is currently winter in NY, and not yet time to use this device, so I put 2 cans of Coke in it and let it run to see how cold they would feel. I checked them when the display sai 34 degrees and they were seriously cold.

Aaobosi Car Fridge 18
I wanted to test how long it would take for the temperature to drop to where I set it. I started at 61 degrees and in less than 20 minutes, it was at 34 degrees, and when I stuck my hand inside, it felt that cold.

Aaobosi Car Fridge 2
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The following is an overview video of this AOBOSI 12V 42-Quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery that includes the unboxing and testing:

What I like

The attractive design
The build quality
The built-in battery
It cools quickly and keeps the contents cold
The speakers sound quite good and way better than I expected
It is portable and can be used both at home and on the go
The solid Bluetooth connectivity
The retractable handle and large wheels

What I’d change

For the cost, the AC adapter should be included

Final thoughts

The AOBOSI 12V 42-quart Portable Car Fridge with Built-In Speakers and a Battery is built like a tank and cools like it belongs in the Arctic. The speakers sound good and overall this will receive much use this coming summer and over the years to come. My only negative is that for the price, the AC adapter should be included and it is not. Otherwise, I love it.

Price: $749.99 – Amazon; $849.99 – Aobosi
Where to buy: Amazon and Aobosi website
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Aaobosi.

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