More Details on Apple’s watchOS 10.4 (Video)

Apple recently released their new watchOS 10.4 beta 1 software to developers, we have already seen a video of the sofgtware in action and now we have another one. The new video from Zollotech gives us more information on what new features and changes are coming to tyhe Apple Watch with this update.

This update, a substantial download of 749 megabytes, arrives in tandem with other significant updates such as iOS 17.4 Beta 1 and iPadOS 17.4 Beta 1. Let’s delve into what this new watchOS version has in store for us.

The update is not just about technical enhancements; it also brings a wave of inclusivity. Apple has introduced new emojis adhering to Emoji Standard 15.1. These emojis are a step forward in diversity, featuring representations like people in wheelchairs and a range of family icons. This addition is a subtle yet powerful nod to the importance of representation in digital communication.

If you are wondering how the update enhances user experience, particularly for those using Apple Vision Pro, there’s good news. A novel feature in this update is the double-tap gesture customization, specifically beneficial for the latest Apple Watch models.

Apple understands the value of user experience, which is why the timers and clock app interface has been given a facelift. The new UI is designed to be more intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that interaction with these commonly used features is smoother and more enjoyable.

Siri now supports activation without the customary “Hey” prefix in German. Moreover, it can read messages in multiple languages, even those not set as the primary language on your device. This enhancement is a significant step towards a more seamless and natural interaction with your Apple Watch.

An important clarification in this update concerns the side loading feature introduced in iOS 17.4 for the European Union. It’s essential to note that this feature does not extend to watchOS or iPadOS.

Speculation is rife about the public release of watchOS 10.4, with predictions aligning it with the release of iOS 17.4. The likely timeframe is towards the end of February or in March, Apple has until March to comply with the new European rules related to app stores and the Digital Markets Act.

Source & Image Credit: Zollotech

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