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NEWS – The Vekesen TikTok Scrolling Ring might sound like the type of gadget that no one needs, but hear me out. Yeah, TikTok is a huge time suck, but sometimes you need to watch cute cat videos one after another for a few minutes or hours. I won’t judge. One way to do this super fast is with this ring. It has 3 buttons that you can use to go to the next video with a click instead of a swipe of the screen. Like a video, click a different button. All without touching your phone. TikTok not your thing? What about reading eBooks? With the Vekesen TikTok Scrolling Ring, you can turn pages without swiping. This would be great for people who like to watch content or read while walking on a treadmill. I do this every day and trying to swipe my phone’s screen when the treadmill is at 3.5mph can be a little difficult. You can grab the Vekesen TikTok Scrolling Ring from Amazon for $19.99.

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