Best Home Security Mobile App: 2024

Home security systems have undergone a lot of changes in the past decade, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the advancement of smart home devices. Some of the new and innovative features that modern home security systems offer are so advanced that they can enhance the connectivity and accessibility of the system while keeping the energy costs and maintenance costs at a minimum.

Out of which, the support and compatibility with companion mobile apps are the best features available with the security system. It allows you to monitor and control your home security system from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. You can also view live as well as stored video footage, control camera movement, receive alarm notifications, and adjust security settings directly from the app itself. Therefore, almost all security services are not integrating support for a mobile app.

In this guide, we are going to cover the best home security mobile available out there. Even though you are getting a companion mobile app with almost all services, you should know that now all mobile apps are designed the same. Some mobile apps are advanced and intricate, whereas others are more straightforward to keep the UI simple and easy to understand. In this guide, you can find all you need to know about the best home security mobile applications along with their pros and cons to help you understand these applications in detail.

What Are Home Security Mobile Applications?

Home Security Mobile Applications play a crucial role in enhancing the safety and protection of residences by allowing remote control for monitoring and managing security systems. These applications are designed to work with various home security devices, such as cameras, sensors, door locks, and alarms, providing users with real-time access and control over their home security from their smartphones. Here are a few qualities of home security mobile applications that are very important to check.

Types of Home Security Mobile Apps

Even though home security mobile apps are pretty common nowadays, most of the apps that you come across are the ones that are designed to be compatible with certain security services. However, there are a few more home security mobile apps that fall under different categories which you should know. It is possible that you may also find an application for these applications along with the official mobile companion to extend the features of your security system.

1. Dedicated Companion Mobile Apps

These are apps that are designed by the security system manufacturers for their own products and services. They usually offer exclusive compatibility with their specific security system. For example, the Reolink app works with Reolink cameras and systems and allows you to view live or recorded videos, adjust settings, receive alerts, and also control the cameras. Some other examples of manufacturer-specific apps are the Ring app, the Arlo app, and the ADT Control app.

2. 3rd Party Home Security Mobile Apps

Apart from the dedicated companion apps, you will also find third-party mobile apps developed by independent developers that can work with different brands and models of security systems. Usually, such apps are mainly designed to eliminate the security loopholes and limitations of the official platform, while adding some fancy features to the system. 3rd party mobile apps offer more flexibility and customization options, but they may also have compatibility issues with one or more security providers. Mobile apps like TinyCam Monitor support hundreds, or even more IP cameras with accessibility features like live streaming, recording, motion detection, audio monitoring, etc.

3. Custom Security Apps

Unlike regular security apps that we have discussed so far, these are specialized applications that are designed to serve a single purpose. For instance, there are special apps that allow you to turn your old smartphones, tablets, or other camera devices into dedicated security cameras. These applications are also available for either no cost or a very small one-time cost. However, these applications have very limited features and may also cause security concerns for high-end systems. To avoid such problems, a lot of subscription-based security services restrict 3rd party access to their security equipment altogether.

Best Home Security Mobile Apps

Now, let us move on to the best mobile applications that you can find for/with a home security system right now. We have carefully selected these options by comparing their features, design, accessibility options, and popularity so that you can easily decide which option is perfect for you. We will also discuss the best features, pros, and cons of these mobile apps to give you a thorough review of each app and make it easier for you to choose the most compatible option with your needs.

1. Simplisafe Home Security Mobile App

SimpliSafe Security Mobile App is an application that allows you to control your SimpliSafe security system from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet. SimpliSafe is a wireless and DIY-focused home security system that offers various sensors, cameras, and alarms to protect your home. The companion mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. However, it requires a SimpliSafe Interactive Monitoring plan that costs $24.99 per month and includes all the features of the app.

Best Features

Live video streaming and recording
Smart alerts and notifications
Timeline and history


Easy to use and intuitive
Reliable and secure
Flexible and customizable


Requires a monthly subscription
May have compatibility or performance issues

2. Vivint Home Security Mobile App

Vivint Home Security Mobile App

The Vivint app places the power of a secure and connected home directly into the palm of your hand. Whether you’re on the move or nestled at home, managing your intelligent security system has never been more intuitive than with the Vivint security app. With a simple touch, the Vivint app allows you to effortlessly arm or disarm your security system, customize automation actions, and oversee your entire smart home ecosystem from anywhere. You can also experience enhanced safety with integrated cameras providing live feeds, 30-day DVR recordings, and Smart Clips for revisiting pivotal moments.

Best Features

2-way communication is available
Custom automation actions
Up to 30 days of DVR recordings


Highly versatile security control from anywhere
Customizable alerts and notifications
Smart home devices can be integrated


Available only with a subscription
A different app is required for Vivint Go! Control Panel

3. ADT Pulse Home Security Mobile App

ADT Pulse Home Security Mobile App

The ADT Pulse app seamlessly combines convenience and security in a single package, offering control over your home security and automation system from virtually anywhere via your Android device. Whether it’s arming your system remotely, setting up custom smart home automation, or managing lights, locks, and thermostats, the app provides comprehensive control at your fingertips. Its ability to send alerts when your children arrive home and allow live video checks enhances peace of mind. To access the app, you simply need an active ADT Pulse interactive service subscription and all of its features will be made available to you.

Best Features

Remote system arming
Custom smart home automation
Live video check-ins for family monitoring


Control options are very comprehensive
Possible to remotely control the lights
Integrated approach to home management


The app requires users to have an active ADT Pulse interactive service subscription
The biometric login system could have been better

4. Frontpoint Home Security Mobile App

Frontpoint Home Security Mobile App

Specifically designed for Frontpoint customers, this app ensures you stay seamlessly connected to your home, providing simplicity and security wherever you are. Armed with features that go beyond traditional home security, the Frontpoint app offers a range of capabilities, from remotely arming and disarming your system to receiving real-time notifications for events you prioritize. The app’s versatility extends to live or recorded video viewing, as well as the management of lights, locks, and thermostats. Experience the ease and peace of mind that Frontpoint is renowned for, accessible on the go.

Best Features

Real-time notifications
Extended control of smart home devices
Supports live and recorded video viewing


The application’s UI is very user friendly
Notifications are tailored to your requirements
Home automation services are integrated


Application’s features may vary based on your system
The app requires a Frontpoint system as well as a service plan

5. Cove Home Security Mobile App

Cove Home Security Mobile App

Unlike most other options that we are covering in this guide, the Cove Security Mobile App is a smaller project with limited features and functionality. This is a simple mobile application designed to work with the Cove security systems and allow remote control. Along with the benefit of a very simplistic user interface, it allows you to remotely arm or disarm your system in a single touch. You also get real-time notifications via the mobile app. And if you want, you can redirect the alerts to regular text or email notifications so that you won’t miss a single update. Recently, Cove has added integration for the Skybell camera and extended login sessions so that you don’t have to log in every time you open the app.

Best Features

Remote alerts are available
It can arm/disarm the system remotely
Alerts can be redirected to text/mail


Support for Skybell camera is added
No need to log in every time the user opens the app
Login security is enhanced with new updates


Overall feature set is very limited
User reviews are much better for other applications

6. Ring Home Security Mobile App

Ring Home Security Mobile App

Ring Security Mobile app that lets you secure and manage your home from anywhere. With Ring, you can connect to a wide range of devices such as Ring video doorbells, security cameras, alarm systems, and smart lights. The app also notifies you when someone approaches your door or when motion is detected. With the mobile app, you can easily see and even speak to your visitors with HD video and audio. You can also access and share your Ring videos if you have an active Ring Protect Plan subscription. With Ring Alarm professional monitoring, you can also get assured help from emergency responders.

Best Features

HD video feed with 2-way communication
It is possible to review, save, and share Ring videos
Ring professional monitoring can be availed


Very easy and intuitive mobile app
Highly versatile option in terms of equipment support
It works with many popular smart home devices


Subscription is required to use mobile app features
Connectivity can be a bit problematic at times

7. Abode Home Security Mobile App

Abode Home Security Mobile App

Abode is a special security app that helps you keep your home safe and smart with extended accessibility options. With Abode, you can connect to various security devices designed by Abode such as cameras, alarms, and sensors. The mobile app can also get you a timeline of events and deliver alerts on your phone or tablet. And just like most other smartphone applications, this mobile app has dedicated widgets. You can use these widgets for quick access to its services and even share your phone’s location to make your system more efficient. Another great aspect of the Abode mobile app is that it also works with Wear OS, so you can access your system from your wrist.

Best Features

CUE home automation for custom automation
It has a dashboard for quick access and actions
Wear OS compatibility for extended accessibility


Initial installation is very easy
Notifications can be customized
A secure access option is provided for the app


Compatibility with 3rd party devices is limited compared to a few other options
Fast internet connectivity is essential while using the app

8. Nest Home Security Mobile App

Nest Home Security Mobile App

Google is undoubtedly the best and most popular service around the globe, known for its highly innovative products, and more so for the integration of its seamless services. Nest from Google is also a highly popular and premium smart home network system that you can control using the Nest Security Mobile App. Apart from access to many advanced features, Google is also offering a beautiful user interface to the app to make it easy to use. The app is primarily designed to control your Nest security products such as Nest cam, or even control the entire system with ease. From the app, you can also control features of other Nest devices such as control the temperature of the Nest thermostat, or update the system based on weather updates from Google automatically.

Best Features

One of the most advanced home security systems
Can be paired with Yale door lock for remote control
24/7 video streaming is possible


Highly interactive and friendly UI
1080p FHD video streams are available
Some features are available in offline mode


Nest Cam and Dropcam Pro required for 1080p stream
Nest Aware subscription is necessary for video history

9. Home Security Mobile App Home Security Mobile App can be your all-in-one smart security and Automation solution. It can offer you unparalleled peace of mind with its comprehensive security and automation platform, allowing you to remotely manage your home security setup. Its cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates security systems, locks, lights, video cameras, and much more. The app can safeguard your property against intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, and even water damage through comprehensive security features and 24/7 monitoring. On top of that, you can also automate routine tasks and customize intelligent alerts within the app to receive notifications only when it matters. It can also inform you when someone specifically enters or leaves the vicinity, giving you a personalized surveillance mode without needing to access the feed at all times.

Best Features

Unified control options are available
Highly intelligent alert options
Automation options are very good


Manage your entire setup from a single mobile app
App compatibility is customizable and scalable
It safeguards users against a wide range of threats


It requires a compatible system and a service plan
UI and app design could have been better

10. Xfinity Home Security Mobile App

Xfinity Home Security Mobile App

This is yet another highly user-friendly mobile application that lets you remotely control your home security system, and even enable/disable its features with a single tap. As this is one of the advanced solutions, you can establish automated rules, receive real-time text and email alerts, and even monitor live video feeds directly from your phone. One of the best features of the Xfinity Home app is its ability to control lighting and thermostat settings, apart from the security system. You can easily turn ON lights or adjust the temperature before arriving home, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment before you arrive. This level of automation not only enhances security but also contributes to energy efficiency and overall home management. The app’s compatibility with a wide range of devices further extends its functionality.

Best Features

Real-time alerts on motion detection
Remote video monitoring
Extended lighting and thermostat control


Automated rules can be created for routine
Works over WiFi as well as 4G connectivity
The compatibility range is very good


Purchase of additional hardware may be required
Service and equipment are sold separately

11. Presence Home Security Mobile App

Presence Home Security Mobile App

So far, we have been checking out dedicated home security mobile applications that are designed by security service providers to control their equipment and accessibility to their own services. But, the Presence Security Mobile App is a rather different option as this is an independent application designed to turn your smartphone into a security camera. You simply need to download the free app on both your primary and old devices and position the latter in the desired direction for surveillance. Presence mobile app can provide recorded video alerts, ensuring you always stay in the loop, even when you’re away. You can also gain remote access from anywhere and engage in a 2-way conversation with loved ones directly via the smartphone. On top of that, the mobile app lets you switch between front and back cameras effortlessly and even enhance visibility by activating the camera flash.

Best Features

Independent security system
Remote surveillance is possible
50 MB of free encrypted cloud video storage


It can utilize your old devices and turn it into a security camera
Surveillance is possible without any subscription
One of the best DIY security systems 


Applications are very limited
Smartphones are not as reliable for a camera as dedicated equipment

12. Scout Home Security Mobile App

scout home security mobile app

Scout Security Mobile App is one more option from our collection that lets you control your Scout home security system from your Android device without any 3rd party integration. With Scout, you can easily monitor and manage your home security with ease and convenience. You can choose from different alarm modes and modify them as you go to suit your needs, whether you are at home or away. You can also integrate Scout with other smart home devices via the app, creating a seamless home automation experience. Scout also allows you to customize the system alerts, access your system remotely, and share your access with your guests.

Best Features

Complete freedom for remote control
Different alarm modes are available
Smart home integration is possible


Highly affordable option
Intuitive and customizable app design
Secure access with the sharing system


Camera options are limited
UI can be a bit difficult to understand

13. Arlo Home Security Mobile App

Arlo Home Security Mobile App

Arlo is a special app developed to let you connect to your Arlo smart home security system, which includes video doorbells, cameras, and floodlights from Arlo. With the Arlo mobile app, you can easily monitor and protect your home using your Android device. You can also customize your security settings as per your needs, such as choosing different modes, creating activity zones, and setting custom schedules. The app has 24/7 access to live security experts and emergency response services, for instant resolution of any security triggers. Arlo also uses an advanced AI-based algorithm to detect and notify you of any person, package, vehicle, or animal on your property.

Best Features


The app is very easy to use
Customizations as per your needs are possible
Trusted and reputable brand for security services


A paid subscription service is necessary
Some important features are missing

14. Protect America Home Security Mobile App

Protect America Home Security Mobile App

Brinks Home Security from Protect America is an app that connects you to your Brinks home security system, which is compatible with all Protect America customers. With Brinks Home Security, you get remote access to your security system and manage your home security from anywhere. It lets you arm and disarm the system, operate the doors, adjust thermostat parameters, and even control other Z-Wave devices. You can also receive alerts for important events and view your event history.

Best Features

Remote access and system management are possible
Compatible with Z-wave devices
It supports real-time video monitoring


Highly reliable as wella s professional security app
A relatively affordable choice for a security system
Overall system installation is very easy


Compatibility is restricted to Brinks (Protect America) security services
Smart home integration is not as good as other applications

15. LifeShield Home Security Mobile App

LifeShield Home Security Mobile App

blue is an app developed by LifeShield Security designed to connect your ADT DIY home security system with your phone. It is also a versatile option that can be customized to fit your changing needs. With blue, you can remotely access and control your home security and smart home devices and even arm and disarm your system whenever you want. It lets you view live as well as recorded video from your cameras. And if you notice something strange in the surveillance footage, you can quickly download the media. It also lets you check the status of your system and control your connected gadgets such as lights, locks, thermostat, and garage doors. Within the app, you can create rules, alerts, custom profiles, and receive notifications for events. One of the exclusive features of this app is that it gives you an introspect into the crimes and suspicious activities in your region so that you can keep your system at appropriate times.

Best Features

Designed for DIY home security system
Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and more
Remote access control is possible


Many additional features are included
Custom rules and profiles can be created
The application is completely free


Compatibility is very limited
The app frequently logs users out

What to Look for in Home Security Mobile Apps?

Here are some important features of Home Security Mobile Apps:

1. Remote Monitoring

Home security mobile apps enable homeowners to monitor their property from anywhere with an internet connection if they support the remote monitoring feature. With that, users can check live camera feeds, receive alerts, and check the status of sensors and alarms at any time. This feature is particularly valuable for those who travel frequently, leaving their home empty for multiple days or weeks at a time.

2. Instant Alerts

Home security mobile applications are also capable of notifying their users of any suspicious activity or security breaches in real-time. Instant alerts are a crucial feature of a mobile app as it helps homeowners take immediate action upon receiving such an alert like contacting authorities. If your security system also supports 2-way audio communication, you will be able to directly communicate with the person through the security cameras, in case it is early delivery of goods, or someone looking for directions.

3. Automation and Smart Integration

One of the most recent additions to the home security system is the support of smart home integration. Smart home devices, already as advanced as they are, make your security network much more secure and accessible. Many home security systems and their compatible mobile apps are capable of integrating with smart home devices, allowing for seamless communication. It also allows you to automate your system based on the response from the smart home devices. For instance, you can automatically disable the outdoor security camera or video doorbell when you reach home by voice commands or geofencing. Users can also set up custom routines that control lights, thermostats, and door locks based on specific triggers, enhancing the overall security and energy efficiency of the home.

4. User-Friendly Interface

A good home security app should also have an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It makes the mobile app easy for homeowners to navigate through while they are controlling the system. These clear and straightforward controls contribute to the overall effectiveness of the security measures in place. Also, the mobile application should be fast so that users can instantly access the live video feed or initiate audio communications right away. It is only possible if there are no excessive animations or delays on the applications, which can result in the perpetrator going away.

5. Secure Access

Security is naturally an important aspect of the home security system as well as the companion applications. The mobile app should have a capable encryption system that can prevent data leakage and 3rd party access completely. The mobile app should also have preventive authentication measures to ensure that only authorized users can access and control the security system. Features like biometric authentication and 2-factor authentication are necessary for mobile apps as they add an extra layer of security on top of the standard login credentials.

Best Home Security Mobile Apps: FAQs

1. Are home security services viable for RVs and other mobile homes?

Ans: Yes, home security services are suitable for RVs and other mobile homes. There are different methods of connecting home alarm systems to phones, such as landline, cellular, or internet connections which makes it possible to keep the system connected to self or even professional monitoring service even when you are traveling. In fact, some security systems are specifically designed for RVs and mobile homes and offer features like motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and smart automation.

2. Does using the SimpliSafe mobile app require a subscription?

Ans: Yes, using the SimpliSafe mobile app requires users to have an active subscription. SimpliSafe offers 2 professional monitoring plans: the Standard plan which costs $19.99 per month, and the Fast Protect plan which costs around $29.99 per month. The Fast Protect plan includes some additional features, such as video verification, live guard protection, and unlimited camera recording. SimpliSafe also offers a self-monitoring plan for $9.99 per month, which allows you to access recordings for up to 5 cameras.

3. Which mobile application is needed for remotely accessing ADTs services?

Ans: The mobile application needed for remotely accessing ADT’s services is the ADT Pulse app. The ADT Pulse app lets you access your ADT system, Nest cameras, and Nest thermostats, all in one place. With that app, you can control your security and smart home devices, stream live video from your cameras, and receive custom alerts from your phone.

4. Is it possible to connect home alarm systems to phones?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to connect home alarm systems to phones. Depending on the type of alarm system you have, you can use a cellular network, landline connection, or a WiFi network to maintain connectivity. Once you have the connection set up, you can create an online account and download the app associated with your alarm system. This will allow you to control and monitor your home security system from your phone.


Just like the security system itself, the companion mobile app is equally as important when it comes to the accessibility and reliability of the system. In most cases, the security systems are relied upon when the users are not at home, making only their smartphone a feasible way to access the system remotely. To make it possible, home security system providers usually include a dedicated mobile app companion that can be paired with your system. These applications have a lot of exciting features such as remote surveillance, remote control over system parameters, and direct even access to connected equipment and smart home devices. Therefore, you should carefully check the features and benefits of the mobile app which you will be using alongside the system. Along with the features, the application should also be easy to use and provide secure access to trusted users so that any security loopholes can be avoided.

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