Sensorless BLDC Driver First to Support Full Torque at Zero Speed

The core RAA306012 IC smart gate driver for three-phase BLDC motor applications integrates corresponding half-bridge gate drivers that can drive up to three N-channel MOSFET bridges. It supports bridge voltages from 6 to 65 V with each gate driver supporting up to 0.64-A source and 1.28-A sink peak-drive current with adjustable drive-strength control.

To ensure robustness and flexibility, the chip implements both adaptive and adjustable dead times. The active gate-holding mechanism prevents cross-conduction induced by the Miller effect and further enhances robustness. In addition, there are 16 programmable slew-rate settings to minimize electromagnetic emissions. It supports various motor-control algorithms such as trapezoidal, sinusoidal, and field-oriented control (FOC).

The device integrates power supplies for internal analog and logic circuitry, high-side/low-side gate drivers, and a dedicated supply for powering external microcontrollers. The RAA306012 also features a low-power sleep mode during which it consumes only 28 μA to maximize battery life in portable applications.

The RAA306012, RAJ306101, and RAJ306102 are available now. The RAA306012 comes in a 7- × 7-mm, 48-pin QFN package. The RAJ306101 and RAJ306102 are housed in 8- × 8-mm, 56-pin and 64-pin QFNs, respectively.

Eval Kits

Renesas offers evaluation kits for each of the new devices, which is always a plus for real-world motor-control assessment. The RAJ306101 Renesas Solution Starter Kit  is used to evaluate BLDC motor systems. It consists of a board with a RAJ306101 motor-control IC, a small 24-V motor, and a connecting cable (Fig. 2).

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