Here’s How To Tell How Old Your Android Phone Is – SlashGear

If the methods that involve searching through the data on your phone have not given you the answer that you want, there is always the old-school method of figuring out when you purchased your phone. Unless you got lucky and found a phone for free on the street, chances are you purchased your Android phone from somewhere, either in person at a store or online.

If you purchased your phone at a store, you can do one of three things to determine when you purchased it:

Check to see if you still have the receipt from your purchase.
Contact the store and ask if they can give you the purchase date.
Look through your bank records to see when you made a high-priced purchase at the store.

Conversely, if you purchased your phone online, you have several other options:

Search through your email to find a purchase confirmation or receipt from your order.
Log in to your account on the website you purchased the phone and look through your order history.

Going through this process will give you the purchase date of your phone, but not the manufacture date. If you purchased your phone new, then you can surmise that the phone was probably built relatively prior to when you purchased it, but you won’t get the exact date.

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