What’s new in iOS 17.3 Release Candidate (Video)

Apple recently released iOS 17.3 Release Candidate and assuming that no issues are found with this beta, then it should be the same software that is released to everyone, and we are expecting this to happen next week.

If you are wondering about the update’s size, brace yourself for a hefty download. Clocking in at around 6.39 GB, this update is significant, indicating substantial changes and improvements over previous versions. The video below from Brandon Butch gives us a good look at the new iOS 17.3 Release Candidate and its range of features.

Wallpapers and Watch Face: The Unity Bloom wallpaper, introduced in iOS 17.3, is a visual treat available in various styles and colors. It’s not just your phone that gets this aesthetic upgrade; your Apple Watch also gets a complementary watch face, adding a coordinated flair to your devices.

AirPlay in Hotel Rooms: This feature, first announced at WWDC 2023, is set to revolutionize how you interact with hotel TVs. Imagine seamlessly connecting your iPhone to a hotel TV via a simple QR code scan, enabling effortless streaming through AirPlay.

Crash Detection Optimizations: For those concerned about safety, the crash detection feature has been refined using machine learning to minimize false triggers, enhancing reliability.

Collaborative Playlists in Apple Music: Retained from the beta versions, this feature allows for a collaborative musical experience, letting you and your friends create playlists together.

Stolen Device Protection Feature: This new security feature, requiring opt-in, offers an additional layer of protection, especially useful in unrecognized locations.

Performance-wise, the RC build shows slight improvements over previous beta versions, as indicated by Geekbench test results. In terms of battery life, expect it to be on par with the beta 3 version of iOS 17.3, ensuring that your device runs efficiently throughout the day.

The final release of iOS 17.3 is expected in the week of January 22nd, with the first betas of iOS 17.4 likely to follow soon after. This indicates a continued commitment from Apple to enhance and evolve its operating systems, keeping users at the cutting edge of technology. We should have more details on the final version of Apple’s iOS 17.3 when it lands next week.

Source & Image Credit: Brandon Butch

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