Beauty Starts Within

Beauty Starts Within

and I don’t just mean this philosophically. I mean it quite literally. While I’ve implemented a beauty routine, the first step to overcoming my bad skin when I was a teenager was switching up my diet and focusing on nourishing my body properly. Thus, in today’s post in partnership with Walmart, let’s take a look at what you can do get on the right track.

Two things that you likely already knew are that the wrong foods, high in sugar and saturated fats (the stuff that tastes good) will cause you to break out; and that stress is another big factor when it comes to skin irritation. Taking control of your diet is within your powers, and so is a more relaxed mindset, but the latter is a lot easier with a little helper.

This HoMedics white noise machine can be a life saver when it comes to finding your inner peace in this ever-so-busy world, and elementary to being a little more centered. Beyond those two factors, there’s of course additional supplements to help your body: starting with cultivating good bacteria with evolution_18’s probiotics. I recently discovered the Walmart-exclusive brand for myself and quickly became a big fan. Bobbi Brown is behind the product, and his idea that beauty starts from within is the reason behind the line, and perfectly in tune with today’s post.

Aside from probiotics, one of my favorites is their ‘beauty grow’ supplement, with vitamin C and Biotin, which is essential for nice and healthy hair, skin and nails. That, in combination with the Orgain Collagen Peptides, which offers several different amino acids, has been my go to not only for the above mentioned benefits, but also for faster muscle-recovery. Alternatively youtheory’s men’s collagen is a nice combination of ingredients of both, if you’d like to minimize the amount of supplements to take.

Lastly, and I used to swear by this when my hair was still down to my shoulders: Viviscal For Men. The biggest thing it lacks is Biotin, but that’s taken care of with the above, and their kicker is their AminoMar Marine Complex, a combination of Shark Cartilage and Oyster Extract Powder to promote healthy hair growth and thicken your mane.

This may be a lot to take in (literally), but I cannot overemphasize how important these things are to promote our natural beauty. They say working out is 10% at the gym and 90% nutrition and it’s honestly similar with beauty, so I genuinely hope you got something from today’s post, and thank you all for reading!

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