Step Out In Style With These Stunning Cariuma x Pantone Color Of The Year Shoes

Look at this stylish thing. Image: Jason Coles

2023 was a long year, but we’ve finally reached the end of it. Along with all the time off and family meals, we also got to see the wonderful color of the year from Cariuma, which means this Cariuma x Pantone Peach Fuzz Canvas Shoe is now available. The best bit is that you can get free shipping plus free 60 day returns.

Cariuma x Pantone Peach Fuzz Canvas Shoe | Free Shipping

The Cariuma x Pantone Peach Fuzz Canvas Shoe comes in loads of sizes, and is designed to highlight a desire for togetherness. It means that the shoe is incredibly comfortable, is made from organic cotton canvas with a slip-resistant sole, and a Mamona oil bio-based cork insert on the inside. Plus, buying a pair means that two more trees will be planted too.

This deal was originally written by Jason Coles on 12/14/23 and updated with new information by Emily Knepp on 1/10/24. 

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