Portable Washing Machine, 9L High Capacity Mini Washer Foldable Washing Machine with Spin-Dry for Washing Small Pieces of Clothing, Baby Clothes, Underwear

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Product Description


Operating a Portable Washing Machine

Fill with the correct amount of water (the water level should ideally be about 3 to 5 cm above the laundry).nswitch on the timer of the washing machine and the machine will start working automatically. It has a spin cycle of 10 seconds for forward, 1 second for stop and 10 seconds for reverse. This corresponds to approximately 280 revolutions per minute.At the end of the programme, the timer will automatically reset and the machine will stop operating.Open the drain at the bottom and drain the water.


33 Mini Washing Machine

Positive and negative bi-directional rubbing.

Effective stain removal with high frequency cleaning.

Product name: Folding washing machine Rated power: 10W Rated voltage: 12V Capacity: 9L Power cord length: 1.2m Unfolded size: 27x27x25.5cm Folded size: 27x27x14,5cm Drainer basket: 16x16x11,5cm

Choose one of our cheaper washing machines without compromising on quality

9L – Foldable washing machine cleans close-to-body clothes in one wash

Folded size: 29.5 x 14.5CM

Unfolded size: 29.5 x 29.5CM

For the health of you and your family, wash small items separately.

This mini washing machine is your best choice!

9L capacity. Powerful and energy-efficient. Compact and tidy Robust handle and housing: ABS material. Easy to use Easy to use at the touch of a button, versatile and ready to serve you. Deep cleaning, drainage at the touch of a button. Collapsible storage, Fresh and odourless.








Flexible drainage

Easily detachable flexible drainage

Concealed carrying handle

Lightweight and easy to lift with one hand

Washing and draining in one unit

Drainage basket, no manual wringing required







Foldable Mini Washing Machine-9L

Thoroughly removes multiple stains for cleaner and more hygienic clothes.Say goodbye to the time-consuming and labour-intensive task of hand washing and take care of your lazy nature.Gentle washing to protect your clothes.The powerful motor controls the washing rhythm and keeps the noise level low and stable.

Compact and does not take up much space

Collapsible storage washing machine, use it as you like, takes up no space.Fold and shoot into the new breakthrough, gently press down to fold when storing.Living room, balcony, laundry room, can be used, easy storage.

Compact and portable case

Take the foldable washing machine with you on your business trips and you’ll be clean all round.Foldable, installation-free washing machine that easily fits in your suitcase.It folds with a single push and can be easily stored in different situations.


🌈 Smart Digital Display: The compact washing machine has a smart digital display that shows the progress of the wash at a glance, three levels of adjustment to choose according to the level of dirtiness of your clothes, and an automatic reset when you’re done.
🌈 9L Capacity: 9L golden washing capacity washing machine is the best choice for personal belongings, baby items, and family! Enough to put down the whole family’s intimate clothes for a day, which can save you more time, money, energy and trouble. Improve your quality of life.
🌈 Foldable Mini Washer: This portable washing machine is specially designed to fold up into a small suitcase for easy carrying. When it’s time to wash your clothes, simply unfold the washer and put them inside. Weighing less than 3kg, it’s perfect for travelling!
🌈 Three Modes Deep Cleaning: This washing machine is carefully designed with three modes, you can choose one of them according to the actual situation. With this foldable and portable mini washing machine, you no longer need to worry about washing clothes when travelling. Suitable for small textiles, it’s the perfect solution for having clean and fresh clothes anytime, anywhere. Come and try it out! (Note: We recommend for small loads of laundry).

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