DATA COMM Electronics In Wall Cable Management Kit Behind Wall TV Wire Kit With Duplex Power Outlet – In Wall Cord Concealer With 3 Interchangeable Cable Inserts – Easy DIY Without Electrician White

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(as of Dec 08,2023 21:40:00 UTC – Details)

Does your living room look like a tangle of cables? Enjoy your new home theater system without cables dangling here and there. Banish unsightly cords from your living room, and create a TV space worthy of an Instagram pic with a Datacomm wall mount TV wire hide kit. This behind the wall TV wiring kit works as a power outlet relocation kit, and allows you to re-route power and hide HDMI wires, Ethernet, and other low-voltage cables while maintaining a clean look. The in wall cabling kit includes two recessed plates that are connected behind the wall using the orange wire nuts to safely secure power connections. The top recessed receptacle is an expandable media box with duplex receptacle designed to streamline power and cable management behind your wall-mounted TV. The knockout snap-in cover plate with three interchangeable cable inserts allows you to route cables the way that best suits your needs. We also include a 6ft extension cable with our in wall wire concealment kit to connect the lower plate to the power outlet to achieve a minimalist look without messing with the live power supply. The installation of our cable organizer behind TV is a home DIY project that takes 20 minutes to install. The power bridge wall kit creates a neat, sleek look. The wire hiding kit for wall mount TV includes: • Recessed Cable Plate with Duplex Power Outlet • Recessed Cable Plate with Straight Blade Inlet • 3 Interchangeable Cable Inserts • 6ft Extension Cord with a 360° rotating flat head • Two Work Electrical Boxes • 8ft of Non-Metallic Electrical Wire With Datacomm’s flat panel TV cable organizer kit with power solution, hiding your cords only takes as little time as 20 minutes, but makes such a big impact!
FLEXIBLE TUBING OPTIONS: The upper recessed plate with a 15A/125V duplex receptacle comes with 3 interchangeable cable inserts for versatile behind wall cable management. Conceal multiple A/V cables, LAN cables, and HDMI cords behind your wall-mounted TV
NO NEED FOR AN ELECTRICIAN: Hide wires in wall like a pro without doing guesswork. DataComm in wall power kit for mounting TV does not tampers with the existing live wiring, and installs with easy-to-follow instructions, hence no expensive electrician visits
20-MINUTE INSTALLATION: Use the included template to cut holes in the wall using a drywall saw. With mounting wings molded onto the top and bottom kits that fasten tightly to the back of wall, the plates are secured in place. No more losing screws or tools
CERTIFIED SAFETY: This patented in wall TV power kit is RoHS compliant and is certified by ETL to UL standards for safe power routing. Crafted from sturdy plastic, the plates withstand daily wear and tear and offer years-long service

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