How to Create a Minimalist iPhone Home Screen

Creating a minimalist home screen for your iPhone not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also improves functionality, making your daily interactions smoother and more pleasant. Thanks to insights from Andrew Clare’s video tutorial, achieving this refined look is within reach. Let’s delve into the steps you can take to customize your iPhone’s home screen for a cleaner, more personalized appearance.

Wallpaper Selection and Application

The journey to a minimalist home screen begins with choosing the right wallpaper. Andrew recommends the Unsplash app for its wide selection of high-quality images. He singles out a specific 3D render wallpaper, easily accessible from the video’s description or directly through the app. The key here is to ensure that the wallpaper aligns well with the iPhone’s clock, creating a harmonious and uncluttered appearance.

App Icons Customization

Next, we shift our focus to customizing app icons. Andrew introduces a Vision OS-inspired theme by a designer named Loki. This theme is praised for its clean and detailed design, offering a cohesive look across your apps. Loki’s icon pack comes in three tiers, covering a wide range of apps from built-in iOS applications to popular social media and entertainment platforms. Andrew mentions a special discount for viewers, making this an opportune time to refresh your icons.

Home Screen Organization

Organization is key to maintaining a minimalist home screen. Andrew presents his setup, which includes essential apps like FaceTime, Calendar, Photos, and Mail, adopting a minimalist approach by limiting widget use. He includes a couple of selective widgets, such as a Bible Verse of the Day and a battery percentage for connected devices, ensuring functionality without clutter. For apps not directly on the home screen, Andrew utilizes the App Library and search function, keeping the main screen free from unnecessary icons.

Creating Custom App Shortcuts

The final step involves using the Shortcuts app to create custom icons on the home screen. Andrew demonstrates this with YouTube as an example, showing viewers how to select an app, rename the shortcut, and choose an appropriate icon from Loki’s pack. For a truly minimalist look, he suggests removing the app name from beneath the icon.

Achieving a minimalist iPhone home screen is more than just an exercise in decluttering; it’s about enhancing your interaction with your device. By following these steps, you’ll not only give your phone a fresh, new look but also improve its usability. Remember, personalization is key to making your smartphone truly yours. Whether it’s selecting the perfect wallpaper or organizing your apps, each decision should reflect your personal style and needs. With these tips, you will be pleased to know that creating a minimalist home screen is not only achievable but also enjoyable.

Source & Image Credit: Andrew Clare

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