Rivian unveils the R3, a surprise crossover SUV

Well, no one saw that coming. Much like Tim Cook coming back for “one more thing” at an Apple event, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe went ahead and shared a surprise at the company’s R2 reveal event. The company announced the R3, a new crossover SUV.

Here’s the quick video that Rivian posted about the R3X to give you a look at the vehicle:

So, what’s the deal with Rivian’s surprise crossover electric vehicle? Let’s take a look.

The R3 is a smaller R2

The R3 is quite similar in design and size to the R2, but comes in an even smaller package. While the R2 is closer to a mid-size SUV, the R3 is a true crossover similar in size to a Subaru Crosstrek. The vehicle also comes in a configuration called the R3X, which is a sportier version of the vehicle for those who want something more rugged but playful.

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The interior of the vehicle is similar to the R2 but comes with its own quirks. For example, you can open the back of the car either using the entire rear door or just by lifting up the rear window. That makes things easy for anyone wanting to just get access to some things in the back.

Rivian says that it plans to release a ton of accessories for the R3 and R3X, including a tent that easily integrates with the vehicle, as well as bike racks that can easily attach to both the top and back of the vehicle.

Here’s another quick look at the Rivian R2, R3, and R3X in all their EV glory:

If you want to rewatch the full reveal event, you can check it out below:


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