This Week in PowerBites: Auto Power Innovation and Motor Recycling Plus New EV Sales Report

Cyclic Materials’ process for the clean, efficient recycling of electric motors has the potential to lower the cost and environmental impact of EVs, as well as diminish manufacturers’ dependence on critical materials imported from politically sensitive regions.

The company recently announced successful results from its new Kingston, Ontario pilot plant, where its proprietary Mag-Xtract technology isolates magnets from recycled end-of-life products. The design capacity of the plant is 1,000 kg/hour (8,000 tons per year), and initial runs have processed several tons of magnet feedstock per day.

“The launch of our pilot plant is a major step forward for developing a domestic, circular supply chain for critical materials at the scale needed to support the clean energy transition and technological innovation,” said Ahmad Ghahreman, co-founder and CEO of Cyclic Materials. “Our magnet-agnostic recycling technology produces one of the cleanest and highest-quality mixed rare-earth oxide products available on the global market—an environmentally sustainable, first-of-its-kind solution to the limited international supply of critical magnet materials.”

In 2022, Cyclic Materials completed an initial proof-of-concept of Mag-Xtract, processing 4000 kg of magnet-containing products—including copper, aluminum, and steel—from end-of-life products. These materials are critical to the development of electric vehicles, wind turbines, smartphones, and other technologies.

In addition to developing Mag-Xtract, Cyclic Materials is scaling its proprietary hydrometallurgy technology to convert magnet feedstock and manufacturing waste into mixed rare-earth oxide, cobalt-nickel hydroxide, and other by-products. Last fall, the company piloted its hydrometallurgy technology at a capacity of 10 tons/year. The aforementioned commercial demonstration plant for this technology is expected to go into full production sometime in Q2 2024.

Stay tuned for an upcoming in-depth Q&A with Cyclic’s CEO about the unique technology, logistics, and business model that makes its business possible. Meanwhile, click here for additional information about the company. 

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