Multichannel Temperature Sensors Meet Automotive Needs

Temperature is the most commonly measured physical variable, and with good reason: Knowing temperature facilitates optimization of electrical, mechanical, and chemical performance in systems, as well as provides alerts for potential and actual fault conditions. Unlike a room in a house with a single sensor, today’s complex systems—including automobiles—need to sense multiple points to monitor and control their many functional subsystems and features.

Many obvious and less-obvious points need attention, such as HID lamps, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), automotive servers, video-processing functions, infotainment systems, engine control, telematics, and body electronics (e.g., seat control, lighting systems, mirror control, and power windows)… it’s a long list that adds up quickly.

Sensors Support Up to Five Monitoring Channels

Addressing this need, Microchip Technology introduced a family of 10 automotive-qualified temperature-sensor interface ICs. The MCP998X/MCP9933/MCP998XD/MCP9933D are high-accuracy multichannel devices with support for up to five channels of monitoring and several alert and shutdown options for security (Fig. 1).

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