Managed Cloud Service Delivers NVIDIA DGX AI Supercomputing

“Generative AI is transforming every industry,” said Jensen Huang, CEO and founder of NVIDIA. “Now, enterprises can own NVIDIA AI supercomputing and software, paired with the operational efficiency of Equinix management, in hundreds of data centers worldwide.”

Customers will also have access to NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software package, which includes pre-trained models, optimized frameworks, and accelerated data science software libraries. These include NVIDIA’s NeMo framework for building LLMs, NVIDIA Rapids for data science, NVIDIA Clara for healthcare and NVIDIA TensorRT-LLM for optimization of large language models (LLMs).

Equinix rolled out the service to early adopters in biopharma, financial services, software, automotive, and retail, which are building AI centers to facilitate AI workloads and a broad range of LLM use cases. These include new medications, developing AI copilots for customer service agents, and building virtual productivity assistants. The company also provides enterprise-level support and security that offers its IBX data-center professionals and NVIDIA AI experts to help customers build and secure their AI models.

The fully managed private cloud service is available now. More information can be found on the Equinix website linked above.

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