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It’s still January and I’m already behind. Just got back from the Consumer Electronics Show and trying to get all of our CES coverage online. I’ll be heading out to the second annual Chiplet Summit 2024 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California in a couple of weeks and hope to see you there. I think it’s going to be great.

For those who haven’t heard about chiplets or haven’t about them until now, they’re tiny die connected together, usually on a silicon interposer, just like chips are connected on a printed circuit board, but much, much smaller. Chiplets have many advantages, including the ability to mix and match technologies. However, it’s taken improvements in chip packaging to make them practical.

The technology has already been used in production solutions, but that’s more customized, so many haven’t been able to take advantage of the technology. That’s changing, though, and this evolution will be covered at the summit along with related technology presentations.

I’ll be hosting the Superpanel and will cover the keynotes. I hope you can stop by, but I’ll be providing additional coverage on Electronic Design post-event.

So, sign up for the Chiplet Summit 2024 if you can make it. The agenda looks to be a who’s who in the chiplet arena.

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