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There’s never been a day in my life where I decided against a double denim look. I loved finding out this was called the “Canadian Tux” even though I havent’ really dug deeper into where that came from… The reason why I always love it, is because it’s sophisticated yet easy to wear. The focus of your look are more on the accessories and shoes you wear it with. In this photo I wore my double denim look on a recent press-trip to Shanghai with Chloe, hence the Chloe boots and Chloe bag. The sunglasses I’m wearing are Celine, the denim shirt by 3×1 and the shorts RE/DONE jeans (both on SALE).



When the slightest touch has the biggest impact 👼🏼 Thank you for your delicate approach and greatest care @drmacrene You guys know who is my trusted dermatologist, and you ALSO know I do not hide the things I try, and like (or don’t like, such as botox around my eyes or a lip flip) so here is the beauty of a little balance in my lips, which I absolutely love and will continue doing. Ps. had zero bruising on day 2 for those who wonder… excuse my nails by the way


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