SewFree Harmony

SewFree Harmony

Every day we start getting dressed the same way (unless you’re super weird): we put on our underwear. The base of each outfit, dressing our most private parts…now that’s a special roll! Today, in partnership with Bemis, I want to show you guys a stylish, comfortable and minimalistic way to upgrade your brief-game.

When Bemis first reached out to me to act as a consult and actually test the product before writing this very blog post, I was excited. It’s awesome to be part of the process to make a product what it is. And what it is now, is awesome: the key takeaway is heat-bonded seams. Or…no seams I guess. The Sewfree® bonding technology minimizes seams, which increases comfort, reduces tightness and actually improves ease of movement overall.

The fabric itself is pure comfort, and with no branding around the waistband, you’re staying nondescript, while you can have fun with bold colors. The comfort and color hold up wash after wash, nicely hugging your legs and bottom without cutting off any of the blood flow. One of the first test wears for me was an overnight flight to Europe, and it was literally like they weren’t even there.

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