These Milwaukee Sanders Could Help You Out With Your Next Home Woodworking Project – SlashGear

Whether it’s wood or concrete, Milwaukee has you covered with the M18 cordless belt sander. This one ditches the cord to join the M18 line, so you can skip the battery and save some money if you already have an existing 18V Milwaukee battery sitting around. The Milwaukee belt sander comes equipped with built-in LED lights that’ll let you sand in low-light situations, effectively giving you a nice amount of versatility. The downside here is the highest price tag of the list, as it’ll cost you $279 from Home Depot, and that doesn’t include a battery. If you’re looking for something that’ll be good for woodworking only, you can probably spend a little less cash on something else.

With over 150 reviews on Home Depot’s website, this Milwaukee cordless belt sander has a 4.2/5 rating, so you’re getting a rather reliable product backed by a five-year manufacturer warranty. Some reviewers do note the battery life isn’t what they expected, meaning you might want to have an extra on hand if you don’t want to have downtime waiting for it to charge back up.

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