The Hills of the City

The Hills of the City

This post is sponsored by Hill City and ShopStyle.

’Tis the season to show the people you love how much you truly care. That means spending time with them, but also showing them you know them with small gifts, and that’s what we’ll be talking about today. Especially if you have a special person in your life that appreciates style, quality, comfort AND sustainability. Hill City is where these four qualities meet. So I’ve got three different looks for you in today’s post filled with pieces that make great gifts for him – sponsored by Hill City.

Starting with look number one, shot on the city version of hills: a rooftop. (See what I did there?) I started the look off with the everyday tech pants, threw on a Supima Cotton T-Shirt as the base layer, then a heavyweight fleece hoodie, and finished it off with a wool shirt jacket and a light grey merino cashmere beanie. Beanies are always a great option for gifting as the size variable is nixed, but there’s easy ways of finding out top and bottom sizes without ruining the surprise — just dig through their closet a little bit and check out what sizes other items have in there!

Look number two features which might be my favorite piece on the Hill City website: the Thermal Light Shirt Jacket. It is light, but it is thermal, so even on this brisk NYC morning I was comfortable walking around with just an Everyday Merino T-Shirt underneath. They both come in several different color ways, so there’s plenty of room to nail it if you know their favorite color.

Last but not least a much more casual outfit for around the house — unless you live in warmer temperatures that allow you to wear shorts this time of year. They are super comfy and I literally popped them on instantly when I opened my Hill City delivery. If you saw my last Hill City post, you already heard me rave about their hoodie, so you know I love the essential grey hoodie. Perfect for chill days in, but as you saw with the first look, it also lends itself to being a great midlayer if you decide to step out. Last but not least, a classic gift: socks. While they have a bit of a reputation in the gifting-scene, I promise you this pair won’t disappoint. Bold, yet versatile, comfortable and performance ready. Honestly a great pair of socks can go a long way, and an easy pick up that won’t break the bank.

Check out the rest of their website and see if you find anything that works for that special somebody in your life! Use my exclusive code ONEDAPPER to save 20% off any order!

This post is Sponsored by Hill City and ShopStyle


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