Are Craftsman And DeWalt Made By The Same Company? – SlashGear

All things considered, both Craftsman and DeWalt’s pricing bring them closer to a budget brand, but that doesn’t mean they lack in quality. If you compare similar tools, like the corded power drills, you’ll see prices are very similar. At Ace Hardware, the Craftsman corded drill costs $59, while DeWalt’s runs you $74.99. The price difference is made up by DeWalt’s option being eight amps while the Craftsman is seven. Both drills should work largely the same, and there’s no going wrong with either if you’re trying to stay within that price range. You might think having the same manufacturers means they can share accessories like batteries, but that is not the case.

What sets the brands apart outside of price is the area they typically target. Craftsman has made a name for itself in the automotive sector, while DeWalt has good options available for DIYers, like drills and saws. That doesn’t mean you won’t find the same tools from both brands, but you might find yourself gravitating toward a certain name depending on what you’re looking for. User reviews are usually good to look at in the budget price range as they give you a glimpse of what to expect from your purchase. 

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